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We have developed a motion control interface that provides encoder feedback signals from the scanning stepper motors for faster scanning with more accuracy and repeatability. All Applicable Electronics CMC-4 systems can be upgraded to provide these new enhancements.  

The new Motion Control Interface includes the following:

  • Motion Control Interface unit (MCI-1) w/cables

  • NI PCI-7332 or 7334 motion control card for PC

  • ASET – LV4 version to utilize new motion control hardware.

  • Encoders (one per stepper motor in system)..

ASET - LV4 utilizes PCI versions of National Instruments type A/D boards Currently, one can use a USB A/D board version instead of the PCI board.

Note: Older systems can be upgraded by replacing stepper motors with new stepper motors that have encoders attached. You can also run your older 3D motorized micromanipulator in open loop configuration with the ASET-LV4 software and NI PCI-7334 motion control card and Motion Control Interface unit (MCI-1).


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