Science drives the business.

Applicable Electronics was established in 1984. The corporate mission is to design, develop and market computer-controlled, rapid, non-invasive, scanning micro-electrode measurement systems to detect ionic currents in conductive solutions. The major fields of application for these non-invasive (Non Destructive Test) techniques are surface corrosion of metal alloys and physiology of living organisms. Our majority of customers are University research laboratories doing basic scientific research. Most studies published using these methods are in-vitro or in-situ, however some in-vivo studies are also in the literature. 

Applicable Electronics works together with Science Wares, Inc. Falmouth, MA to continue ongoing systems development. Applicable Electronics designs and manufactures system hardware. Eric Karplus, owner of Science Wares is the owner and software engineer of the ASET-LV4 (Automated Scanning Electrode Techniques - LABVIEW Ver. 4.0) software package as well as the mechanical designer and manufacturer of some of the system components.  Eric also markets imaging photon detectors (IPD) among other things.

Alan Shipley, Eric Karplus and Chis Shipley worked at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, MA in the National Vibrating Probe Facility (NVPF), later re-named the Bio-Currents Research Center. The NIH Division of Research Resources in 1981 established the NVPF and continued funding under its new name, BRC until 2010. Shipley and Karplus worked together to build the NVPF by assisting Dr. Carl Scheffey under the direction of the NVPF Director, Dr. Lionel F. Jaffe, in the development of these scanning micro-electrode techniques. From 1994 until 2009, both Alan and Eric were full-time business professionals dedicated to developing and marketing these techniques to the world. In 2009, Chris assumed the ownership and is the CEO of Applicable Electronics  and works closely with Eric and Science Wares to continue systems development and support. Alan is in the labs participating in various research projects utilizing these systems and providing real time feedback from working laboratories on our systems performance and development.

Both companies have worked closely with the laboratory of Dr. Hugh Isaacs of Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY to continue systems development as they are applied to corrosion studies.  Dr. Isaacs is still active in assisting Eric and Alan in systems development. Applicable Electronics was awarded a Phase I SBIR grant from the U.S. Department of Energy, September, 2001. Alan Shipley was PI and Brookhaven National Labs and Science Wares were contractors on the grant. Project title: Non-Invasive Techniques to Study Local Passivity Breakdown of Metal Alloys in Aqueous Media. Phase II award, May 30, 2002. The project was a success and produced the DVIT (Differential Video Imaging Technique) which is a rapid NDT system for detecting initial corrosion.  We provide DVIT capability, free of charge, with all of our systems.

Applicable Electronics, in 1996,  donated the necessary equipment and expertise to help create the University of Massachusetts Vibrating Probe Facility, in Amherst, MA under the direction of Professor Joseph G. Kunkel. The purpose is to continue development of the equipment in a working laboratory for use in biological studies. Applicable Electronics also provided student fellowships at the facility. Science Wares, Inc. donates software, machining and technical support to this facility. Joe has recently retired from UMASS and is now located at the University of New England in Biddeford, ME, where he moved his probe facility to continue work on many projects. Recently, his focus has been shell fish diseases. 



Chris Shipley, President/CEO

Chris grew up working with Applicable Electronics helping his father, Alan, to build the systems and worked some summers in the NVPF at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole while a teenager. There he assisted in performing experiments with PhD students and post-docs doing summer research projects. He also accompanied Alan on some lab visits to setup and train new users in corrosion and physiology. Chris is also an IT Technologist and business entrepreneur. 

Alan Shipley, Director of Research and Development

Alan mainly works in the laboratory in different institutions doing projects using these techniques. He also handles the quality assurance and setup and training with the systems for new customers as well. He also continues new systems development with Eric Karplus of Science Wares, Inc. Alan is also a visiting researcher at University of New England as well as the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.


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