Phase Sensitive Detector Amplifier - 2 channel (PSDA-2)

Main Amplifier:

AC coupled input
Input AC power 110/240 50/60 Hz
Bandwidth: 10 KHz
Gain: 50 or 500


  • Dual sine/cosine oscillators
  • Frequency range: 100 to 1KHz
  • Dual phase sensitive detector amplifiers
  • Output Range: +/- 10 VDC
  • Current source for calibration and electrode plating
  • Circuits for test and calibration
  • Preamplifier (Model 100)
  • 2D piezoelectric vibrator assembly - 2D ITL

Model 100  Preamplifer:

Differential Input
Gain: x 10 or x 100 (Switch selected)

User-modifiable electronics
Full one year warranty parts/labor on all items manufactured by Applicable Electronics
Free email help line, LOGMEIN software loaded on each PC to provide remote system control.

IPA-2  Ion / Polarographic Amplifier

Main Amplifier Features:

  • Input Power: 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Amplifier Gain: x10/x100 standard
  • Bandwidth: 100 KHz (10 X Output)                                  10 Hz (100 X Output)
  • Front panel display of Nernst potential or electrode current
  • Two channels for simultaneous dual electrode measurements
  • Internal polarization voltage +/- 3.5 VDC
  • External polarization (drive with D/A or signal generator) +/-10 VDC

Ion-Selective Headstage:

       Gain: x10

Polarographic Headstage:

       Gain:  1  mV/pA

Ion Electrode Kit:

2 ISE electrode holders, dri-ref electrode

User-modifiable electronics
Full one year warranty parts/labor
Free email help line